About me


The development of computer and internet is about to greatly change the production of music.
A single computer gives us the capability to; if even without the ability to physically play a musical instrument, create any music of your imagination.
This is why I want to start back again, in creating music, which I gave up in the past.
May my songs reach out to those somewhere out in the world, who will listen to them.



I played saxophone as a hobby during my years in university, however I had to give it up as I became busy with my job.
In 2011, I started making music through DTM (Desk Top Music) programs.
Although I had no proper knowledge about creating music, I gradually learned to compose with the help of Internet sights such as the Twitter.
Starting in summer of 2012, I started projecting my own musical creation written using a Vocaloid software, at NicoNico Douga website. During the same time, I also experienced composing all kinds of musical genre.
In 2014, I have also started touching on EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre.


■Name Digisax・・・My name ”digisax” is a coined word using with “digi”(digital instruments)and “sax”(Saxophone).
■Nationality Japanese
■Main Job Copywriter


■Soprano Sax YAMAHA: YSS-62
■Alto Sax      Selmer Super Action SeriesⅡ
■Guitar    Fender: Japan Stratocaster
■Wind Synthesizer   AKAI: EWI4000S


■Mac              Apple Computer:Mac Book Pro
■Keyboards   CASIO PX1000
■DAW            Steinberg:Cubase
■Audio I/F     Apollo Twin
■Software     Native instruments: Komplete ultimate
                       Sample modeling: The Sax, Mr. Trumpet
                       Audio modeling:SWAM wood winds
                       Vir2: BASIS Electri6ity, Acou6tics, BASIS
                       Lennar Digital: Sylenth1
                       Waves:Platinum Bandle, One knob, Vocalrider, Metafilter
                       iZotope: Ozone
                       Vocaloid: Miku Hatune, Megpoid


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